Successful finances people bumping fists
4 ways to keep on top of your finances when business is booming
It’s been a long road but, finally, business is booming! Hours of hard work, networking, advertising and marketing are all...
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Picture of fireworks at New Year
Clear Books’ New Year financial checklist for SMEs
What better way to launch headfirst into 2018 than with your finances in full working order? Here are a few...
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The Finance Bill 2017-2019 has come out
The Finance Bill 2017-2019 is out — here’s what it means for your business
The accounting world has been watching the progress of the new finance bills carefully, with the most recent one coming...
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Stop your small business leaking money
Easy fixes to stop your small business leaking money
It’s the weirdest thing: you know you’re making money, because your invoices are being paid and money’s going into your...
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Quarterly check-in: four things to think about as we head into Q4
When you’re running a small business, it often feels like you take one big breath at the beginning of the...
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What to Do If a Client Won’t Pay — and How to Keep It From Happening Again
You’ve sent out the invoice. Then a reminder. And then another. Still, nothing. Sooner or later, it becomes apparent that...
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How to make meetings worth your time: six tips for meetings that matter.
“Well, that’s half an hour of my life I’m never getting back…” How many times have you muttered this under...
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How to get your team pulling in the same direction.
Have you ever had one of those colleagues who just drags everyone down? You’d get up on a Monday morning...
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Seven tips for protecting your cash flow
Don’t you love it? That feeling you get when you realise your bank account is looking pretty healthy. It’s a...
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How to avoid bad clients: just say “no”
It can be easy to convince yourself that, in business, there is no such thing as a “bad” client. Work...
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