Managing your spreadsheet clients just got easier

Save time and streamline your practice by managing all of your clients using spreadsheets in the cloud.
Under one interface, you’ll be able to collaborate and submit their data to HMRC

We know that managing the accounts of all of your clients using spreadsheets or manual records is fragmented and time consuming. A spreadsheet file is emailed back and forth numerous times, often with errors that need to be corrected, some of which could be anything up to 12 months old.

The format of each client’s spreadsheet is often different, with many businesses deciding on their own format for record keeping. Isn’t it time spreadsheet accounting was simplified? The only trouble is, your clients usually don’t want to use or pay for accounting software systems.

Imagine a world where your clients can continue to use a bookkeeping spreadsheet to keep their records, but a spreadsheet that you and your team can collaborate on in the cloud within a single interface and submit MTD returns directly to HMRC.

The perfect tool to save time and grow

With Making Tax Digital on the horizon, now is the perfect time to transition your clients who use spreadsheets onto an easy to use, online accounting spreadsheet. Future-proof your practice and take a trial of Clear Books Micro to see how we make accounting clear & simple.

  • Future proof your practice for MTD
  • Streamline your workflow and see your spreadsheet clients’ accounts all in one place whenever you like
  • Raise questions and flag issues when they occur and when they’re fresh in the client’s memory, rather than waiting until year-end.
  • Submit your clients’ returns directly to HMRC


In order for your practice to manage your clients through Clear Books Micro, and submit their data to HMRC, you will need to subscribe to Clear Books Practice Edition at only £5 per client per month, that’s less than 18p per client per day.

To book a demo and take out a subscription package, call 0800 862 0202 or email