With Clear Books Practice Edition, you’re in control

If you’re looking for online accounting software that your clients will find easy to use and familiar – and which will protect your position as the tax and finance expert – we’ve got the solution for you

Have you lost track of the number of times you’ve opened an email only to find an oddly-formatted spreadsheet from one of your clients attached?

It’s hard to imagine a more fragmented way of managing accounts than slowly emailing spreadsheets back and forth, or of course the dreaded ‘shoebox method’ whereby you get handed a year’s worth of receipts to trawl through in one go! Yet that’s what many clients are used to.

It takes time and can lead to mistakes. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to solve this? To persuade your clients to adopt a quick, easy and consistent way of sending you data? A solution they didn’t even have to pay for? That’s where Clear Books Micro and Clear Books Practice Edition come in.

Future-proof your practice today

We’ve heard from worried accountants who thought HMRC’s MTD initiative would make them less relevant in the age of digital tax. In fact, the opposite is true. Your expertise is more relevant than ever. Encouraging clients to transition from desktop-based, offline spreadsheets or manual record keeping to a collaborative online accounting spreadsheet lets you future-proof and grow your practice. How?

Well, Clear Books Micro is a free, cloud-based data-entry spreadsheet for SMEs. They can record their invoices, expenditure and bank receipts in the system. Once the information is in Clear Books Micro, they can invite you, their accountant – who’ll be using Clear Books Practice Edition – to review the data and ensure it’s accurate, before submitting returns to HMRC. MTD-compliant returns will only be able to be submitted through Clear Books Practice Edition – not through Clear Books Micro – leaving you in control of the crucial aspect of ensuring that your clients only pay the tax that’s due.

  • Streamline your workflow and see your spreadsheet clients’ accounts in one place
  • Raise questions and flag issues when they occur
  • Submit your clients’ returns directly to HMRC

How the process works


1. Your client records their invoices, bank receipts and expenses in Clear Books Micro



2. Then, through Clear Books Practice Edition, you can collaborate on their accounts in real time

3. When you’re happy, you can submit returns to HMRC on your client’s behalf through Clear Books Practice Edition


Sound good?

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How much does it cost?
While Clear Books Micro is free for SMEs to use, in order for your practice to manage your clients’ data and submit returns that will be MTD compliant to HMRC, you’ll need to subscribe to Clear Books Practice Edition for £5 per client, per month. That’s less than 18p per client per day.


Can clients submit returns to HMRC through Clear Books Micro?
No. The reason being that we believe the role of an accountant as a trusted advisor and tax specialist to their clients is vitally important. Therefore, clients who want to use Clear Books Micro to save their accounting data will still need to work with their accountant. Submissions can only be made through Clear Books Practice Edition – and only the accountant has access to that.


Can I see the software ‘in action’?
Of course. All you need to do is book a one-on-one demonstration with our team by completing this short form.


What if my clients need more features?
If your clients require more functionality to manage their accounts, then our Small and Large accounting packages will meet their needs. We have a range of products to suit every type and size of client. With Clear Books’ accounting software, they can manage VAT, banking, invoicing and more – all in the cloud.


When will Clear Books Micro and Clear Books Practice Edition be available on general release?
They’re available now! If you’re an SME you can start a free 30 day trial of Clear Books Micro here. Clear Books Practice Edition is also available, with the ability to perform one-way data import from Clear Books Micro. The two-way data sync capability will be available at the end of March. HMRC is planning to start beta testing for MTD VAT returns from April 2018 – we’re planning to support accountants and clients who want to take part in this pilot testing. Click here to see how you can get involved.


I have a question that isn’t answered here…
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