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Managing your business’s sales and expenses can be challenging. That’s why we developed Clear Books Micro – a free and easy-to-use online spreadsheet that makes managing your accounts a breeze.


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Sound familiar?


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As a small business owner, you face enough daily challenges as it is. You dream of a day when managing your accounts didn’t have to be one of them. You’d spend that time growing your business and making more money. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

No more mountains of paper records to keep hold of until you hand them to your accountant after your year end. No more worrying about losing receipts. No more lost sleep over paying more tax than you need to. And provided you record your transactions on a regular basis, there’ll be no more queries from your accountant about transactions that happened months ago that you can’t remember. But surely this is too good to be true?

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The spreadsheet you’ve been waiting for


Clear Books Micro is the solution to your problems. A piece of software that makes it easier to run your business: a bold – but true – claim.

You don’t have to be tech savvy or a maths genius to benefit from Clear Books Micro. In fact, if you have a basic grasp of using spreadsheets, that’s about as technical as you need to be. The software is online, so both you and your accountant can access the data anywhere, at any time. Your accountant doesn’t need to wait for you to send everything across – they can see it for themselves as and when they need.

All your accountant needs to do is use Clear Books Practice Edition to take the information you’ve saved in Micro to produce your accounts and all of your Making Tax Digital returns (VAT from April 2019 and all other taxes from April 2020) and submit them online to HMRC. And that’s that.

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Made for Making Tax Digital


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Heard of Making Tax Digital (MTD) yet? If the answer’s no – well, you’re about to.

MTD is part of HMRC’s big plan to digitise UK tax, making it easier for businesses to track what they owe and pay the right amount of tax.

Why’s this relevant to you? If you are already VAT registered and your business’s taxable turnover exceeds £85,000 it will be compulsory for you to submit quarterly VAT returns using MTD-compliant software. You won’t be able to continue using your HMRC online account. This takes effect from April 2019, but now’s the time to prepare for it.

That’s why Clear Books Micro (when used in conjunction with Clear Books Practice Edition) will make it easy to comply with MTD.

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Simple, supercharged and 100% free

Explore the features that make this easy-to-use online spreadsheet so powerful.


Get ready for Making Tax Digital

Get ready for Making Tax Digital

Prepare for HMRC’s MTD legislation and enable your accountant to submit your returns online

100% free

100% free

Any UK business can use Clear Books Micro for free

Easy collaboration

Easy collaboration

Share data with your accountant without emailing spreadsheets back and forth

Safe in the cloud

Safe in the cloud

Rest assured that your data is stored safely online – accessible anywhere, at any time

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What if you’re an accountant?

Clear Books Micro isn’t just great news for your clients – it’s great news for you too. As your clients record invoices, expenses and bank receipts in Clear Books Micro, you can use Clear Books Practice Edition to transfer their data and prepare reports.

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